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  1. I listed an item as a buy-it-now with an interested buyer. I charged heavily on the shipping costs and a more than reasonable price on the item. I always ship overnight and with insurance through UPS. A different buyer decided to purchase the item through buy-it-now because the item was basically a steal, BUT didn't pay the shipping cost. I only received payment for the item, not the item plus shipping. I told them they needed to pay or else I had a different buyer, and then they left NEGATIVE feedback because they said that I wanted more than the BIN price!! Is there anything I can do?? I already opened a case with ebay, but the buyer cancelled it! Don't buyers have to pay the shipping costs?? TIA...I'm a new seller to ebay and it is not going so well!!
  2. Buyers have to pay for shipping costs unless otherwise noted, ie free shipping. You are not asking for more than the BIN price. Request to get the negative feedback deleted because the buyer is being unreasonable. If buyers do not want to pay for shipping, then they just don't buy. The total is always the highest price + shipping fees.

    However, I am interested in how much your shipping cost is. I find it unreasonable for sellers to ask for a whole lot as well. High shipping costs are a big turn off for me and I usually avoid those listings.
  3. Well, I set up the BIN with another seller who wanted to buy the item. It wasn't that high for UPS overnight with insurance. I did realize that I stated elsewhere in the listing (it was a relist after the auction didn't sell) free shipping, BUT I did say that shipping was a specific amount under the BIN box. Plus, not ever buying anything of ebay yet, I figured that the amount of shipping that I specified would come up when the buyer went to pay for the item (I didn't even have time to send an invoice!) I figured that anybody with any questions would at least contact me (wouldn't you if the seller's description contradicts itself?). Plus, I tried to resolve the issue with the buyer and they were so rude!! I messaged ebay already tonight after receiving more negative follow-up comments. What a nightmare!! I feel like I should just quit ebay and give up!!
  4. For your future listings, do not let the buyer edit the shipping costs. It's a lot easier if you do flat rate. Too many of them will try to leave it off when paying. You can also use a calculated shipping, but I'm not sure how that would work for UPS...I think it only does USPS.

    ETA_ If you decide not to let the buyer edit the shipping, be sure you enable that option in your preferences.
  5. thanks for the responses!
  6. Well, in this case, I would have to say that you made a mistake and chalk it up to experience. If you say FREE SHIPPING anywhere in your listing, it is s safe bet that someone's going to want the free shipping.

    In the future you can mark all items "immediate payment required" if a buyer uses "buy-it-now".

    I understand what you are saying about expecting a buyer to contact you about contradictions, but on ebay, as a seller, it's more the norm for buyers to buy first and ask questions later. And neg if they feel the seller did not please them. It's just the way of ebay, and it can sometimes be tough and not fair to sellers.
  7. I agree!!

  8. Why did you have 'free shipping' as an optoin? If it;s an option of course they are going to pick it.

    But if it said in the listing somewhere "shipping is $X" then you can try to get the neg removed on the basis that the buyer didn't read the description (or they did and just thouhgt they could pull one ovre on you ;))
  9. Free shipping is free shipping with a buy it now or a completed auction...

    a costly lesson learned...
  10. on the official shipping charges, I said it was such an amount; it only said free shipping with usps in the description, which is the part i totally forgot about. i thought they had to pay the official amount anyways? especially with buy it now. plus, in the search it would have showed up as the shipping being a certain amount, not free.
  11. ^^ you had to have free shipping as one of the options - otherwise she couldn't use it.
  12. I didn't have it as an option. I only had one option which was to pay. Which is why I am so confused! How could the buyer only have paid for just the item???
  13. Did you ask ebay to remove it since the buyer refused to pay the listed shipping?

    They remove feedback as a goodwill gesture.
  14. Is the buyer from another country? Maybe you accidently had it as free shipping to somewhere else? very weird.
  15. Thanks, I will try this. And I only ship to the US (international shipping is so expensive!) so I only allow US members to bid on my auctions, so there wasn't free shipping anywhere!