Help with business card tag line

  1. So my bf wants opinions on the tag line for this business card. Right now it says 'total body solution' but he is debating using 'results through science'


    So do you like:
    Total Body Solution

    Results Through Science

    Other--if any of you have any catchy ideas please share

    Thanks everyone
  2. depends on what his business is: if it's health club, i like "a total body solution" but if he's selling a program, suppliments, or equipment i like "results through science."

    either way, those are slick looking cards! i would definitely hang on to that one just b/c it's so different!

    ETA: i just noticed the website address and took a quick peek. for what he's doing, i definitely like "a total body solution" more. his methods may be based in science, but "a total body solution" seems more personal and results oriented.
  3. Thanks ilzabet for your help and input!
  4. I like Total Body Solution more =)
  5. Total Body Solution sounds less intiminating....
  6. Thanks so much for your help. I do agree with you, Total Body Solution sounds better.
  7. Total Body Satisfaction

    who doesn't want to be totally satisfied with their body? ;)