help with Burberry rainboots

  1. Have you tried the website?
  2. I bought these boots at the Nordstrom store - I couldn't find another store that carried them! They are great - I love them! However, I found that I had to wear a size 7 (my feet are pretty standard 7.5). Whereas alot of people are saying to size up?
  3. I just got the exact pair!! I tried to buy them from Nordstroms's in Houston but they didn't have any 36's in stock so the SA ordered them for me from the Nordstrom's in Dallas and I got them delivered to my home a few days later.

    I agree with snowbrdgrl, I usually wear a 6.5 in shoes, but I got the rainboots in 36.
  4. maybe when most people suggested size up they meant for the knee high burberry rainboots? i'm between sz 6.5-7 and with the knee high rainboots i ordered size 7...they fit nicely.

    congrats on your new boots!
  5. Thanks maria! Now, I just have to wait for it to rain so I can wear them! :yahoo:
  6. I love my Burberry rainboots they are SOOOOOO comfy!!!!! I just wish it rained more her in Los Angeles so I could wear them more often.