Help with Burberry quilted wallet

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone could help me out a little, i'm a bit of a newbie. I've just discovered this quilted Burberry wallet which is still being sold here in Australia. But, I'm thinking of buying it online since the markup here is huge!

    Just a couple of questions:
    1) For the full leather version, is there a clasp to close the wallet on the back?
    2) Should the dustbag be the flap-over or the drawstring type?
    3) Where should the Burberry stamp (man on horse with 'Established 1856'...) be inside the wallet?
    4) Should the quilted pattern be perfectly proportioned? (e.g. exact half diamonds on the top flap, along the leather trim containing the padlock)

    I know I should've probably just walked into the store and ask the sales assistant to show me the wallet in real life, but when I went, she didn't seem interested in me :tdown:. hmm too bad cos I was in a splurging mood that day!

    Anyway, sorry about the mini rant. Would seriously appreciate any help i can get!

    THANKS heaps everyone!!

    (PS. I hope I posted this appropriately, if not let me know and i'll delete it asap if i can)
    (PPS. 1st pic credits to Sarsi from her 'Pics from Catalog' thread)
    TPF 147.jpg 63252815_tp.jpg
  2. I have seen the leather version of this wallet at Burberry outlets in the US. I believe the price was about $185 when I saw it. Why do you try give them a call and see if they ship over to australia? You can find burberry outlet numbers and locations at
  3. Wow thanks acshih! I'll give them a call then. Really hope they can ship it over here =)
  4. I like the way this is organized. Looks practical and stylish!
  5. Oh btw, does anyone know what the official name of this wallet is? Ta =)