Help with bronze MbyMJ leather tote

  1. I need your help. I purchased the bronze MbyMJ leather tote early this summer. I bought the bag to use as a work tote that would fit my laptop and other daily stuff that I lug around. I really like it, but am wondering if it's a bag that I can carry into the fall. The bronze color is very pretty, but is it too summery for the fall. I live in the DC area, and it usually stays fairly warm through October. I need your advice and opinions. I will pick up a new bag for fall. Just having trouble making my decision! One of Marc's soft leather Tina totes? Maybe the huge IF that was posted on the blog this week? Or hold out a little longer for a black Work bbag? Anyway, that's another thread. That's my problem now ... no focus! ;)

    I have attached a pic of the bag (in silver - the bronze is no longer available, and i don't have a pic of mine!) Thanks so much for your help.
  2. I like metallics year round, and bronzes, coppers and gold always look so nice in the autumn. I say if it looks right with your fall wardrobe, by all means keep carrying it.
  3. I went out and bought a bronze clutch and pumps for fall... I say wear what you like. Plus "gold" is an in color for fall handbags... so bronze is pretty similar, right? Put your own spin on whats in!
  4. Thanks kezza and KittyBag. I will try on a few fall items this weekend to see what looks good with the bag. I am sure it will be fine for a few more months, then I may put her away until spring!
  5. I agree...metallics are pretty much year-round.

    P.S. I think the Tina bags are great, but you should hold out for a Work.
  6. The bronze will definitely work for fall, I've seen it in real life and its a really muted bronze, very pretty!
  7. I've been eyeing this bag for some time. Unfortunately no one here carries Marc by Marc Jacobs so I can't see it in person. :crybaby:

    I know it's also out now in brown and green, but I think the bronze looks gorgeous and is great all year round.
  8. I haven't seen the bronze lately, either, but the brown and green soft leather totes are very nice! The silver looks interesting, too, but I haven't seen it IRL. I am happy with the bronze tote, and now feel much better about carrying it the fall. Thanks to everyone for their helpful comments! You all are great!
  9. Yes you can! :yes:
  10. Yep, just want to reiterate what all the other ladies have said -- bronze would look great year round :yes: !