help with brass keyfob/charm.

  1. I'd like to see photos of all your brass keyfobs and charms!! I'm in search for one for my new bag but I haven't found one I REALLY like (except the butterfly I'm not allowed to have *lol*)... Thanks in advance!!
  2. I only have two at the moment.
  3. Your wish is my command :yes:
    This is not the best pic for lighting, but these are my brass ones :tup:
  4. fields-love your charms...:yes:

    quote=fieldsinspring;4818273]Your wish is my command :yes:
    This is not the best pic for lighting, but these are my brass ones :tup:
  5. maya- I don't own any charms at the moment but the new red/pink flower is very pretty!:smile:
  6. [/QUOTE]

    Thank you :tup:
  7. here are mine.. why aren't you allowed the butterfly??

    I have the heart luggage tag, Strawberry charm, Butterfly keyfob, and Brass T charm.
    DSCN1944.JPG DSCN2603.JPG DSCN2743.JPG
  8. [​IMG]

    My keychain Fob is the one in pink.
  9. what bag are you looking for a charm for?
  10. isn't that nickel? :shrugs:
  11. Duh, I need to learn to read better! Sorry!! LOL

    This miserable cold is affecting my reading comprehension today.
  12. :roflmfao: No problem, I just thought it was and I was confused thinking I was wrong! :shrugs:
  13. I have all of mine in a shadowbox. If you look at the pic, the Owl, Peace Sign, and Flower are all brass. And the bonus, is I got them all last week at the Outlet Store!
    Keyfob and Charm Shadowbox1.JPG
  14. Pfffft. Well, my bf and I had a previous conversation about butterflies. I don't remember how the subject came about, but he was saying that he doesn't like butterflies because of what they represent in a person, such as flightiness, can't make decisions, don't like to settle, etc... and so I had remembered that conversation when I thought about getting the butterfly charm. So I asked him if I could get the butterfly keyfob for my new bag and he said no. So I left it at that because I knew how he felt about them.

    WELL, late last night I was talking about how I need to find a keyfob/charm for my bag and he's like, "I thought you wanted the butterfly." And I said, "You said no. Remember all the butterfly representation stuff??" And he says, "Yeah, but I don't care about it over a keychain." *lol* FRICK. I wish he woulda told me that beforehand!!

    So now, I'm thinking of getting the butterfly keyfob. *lol* Buuuuuuuuuuuut... I totally forgot about the signature strawberry charm until you posted the picture!! Now the butterfly has competition!!!!!!!! Maybe I need to go to Ala Moana tonight and compare them side by side... is the strawberry out in stores yet?
  15. The butterfly keyfob is beautiful. What bag will you be putting the keyfob on?