Help with Botkier Morgan Hobo


Jan 2, 2009
I bought a Small Morgan Hobo directly from Botkier at the beginning of June. It's my first Botkier and I absolutely love the bag but I'm really disappointed because both of the studs on the strap have already fallen off. I haven't even carried the bag that many times because I've been mainly carrying my lighter bags during the summer. Has anyone else had a problem with hardware falling off a relatively new bag? If one stud had falling off I'd just think it was a fluke but both of them? and within less than 3 months from purchase?

I've called Botkier several times during the last week to try and ask if I can get replacement studs, but each time I just get a voicemail. I've left two messages and no call back. I keep hearing CS is great at Botkier and I'm sure they are but I'm having a tough time getting a hold of them. :smile:


Jul 25, 2007
Hi! I am in the midst of a problem with my Botkier, as well. I e-mailed them at and received a response the next day. Thus far, they have been very helpful. I would recommend that you e-mail them and see if you have better luck with that route. Good luck and let us know what happens! :smile:


Jan 18, 2009
Yikes! So sorry to hear about this. Yup, I agree with JSC, I think emailing them might be a better way of getting a response. I've never called Botkier's CS before (for random queries and such), but I've emailed and received responses fairly promptly. Since it's been less than a year since you bought the bag, you should definitely be able to get it fixed for free. Good luck, and yup, do keep us updated! :smile:


Jan 7, 2009
You might also want to find their number from their website and call them. I had a similar problem with a Botkier bag and called them. Their CS is great!