Help with Bosphore PM!

  1. Normally, I would take the time and weed through the picture threads, but I have tried and am going cross eyed. I remember seeing a picture of someone wearing a bosphore pm (amamxr??? i think). If anyone has a pic of them wearing the bosphore pm please please please post it for me :nuts: . I am thinking i need a messenger
  2. I love the Bosphore PM! It's really cute, but on the small side at 9.8" x 8.6" x 2.7" For comparison, that's smaller than the Manhattan PM (11" L x 8.3" H x 5.5" W).
    But there's always the Bosphore GM, which is just a little smaller than a BH.:graucho:
  3. I wish I could help you but it wasn't me... sorry...:sad:
  4. that's ok, thanks anyway. hopefully someone out there does havea pic
  5. ...
  6. I have the GM wuold that work?
  7. I have the GM also and I love it!
  8. I have the GM. I was using it for work before. But then I realized it's not just for work but I can also use it for everyday use :smile: I thought at first it will only be nice for men but I was wrong I end up getting compliments :smile:
  9. It is a great bag. I want to get one.
  10. would the Bosphore GM fit a laptop in it?