Help with Blue Leather Forever Mama

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  1. There is a high end department store where I live that sells vintage bags that they get from What Goes Around Comes Around. I just bought a beautiful Blue Leather Forever Radica Mama Large for $1650. The Serial/Date code (i took a pic) is 129-2111. I had her ship it to my house since i live on a state line and i don't pay tax if they ship it to my house. I am now at my computer looking for the original retail price to see what kind of a deal I got, and i can't find anything. I do see a LOT of these types of bags on the resale sites for $500-$700. DID I PAY WAY TOO MUCH? AGH! Does anyone know what this bag retailed for? It is in excellent/new condition and I hope I am not going to have to return it. TIA!
  2. If you are seeing the same bag for less than 1/3 the price you paid, I have a hard time comprehending why you wouldn’t return it.

  3. The bag i bought is in perfect/new condition, and the ones i see online are not the same exact material or color.
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