Help with Bloomingdale's sale please!

  1. With all the Bloomingdale's sale stuff going on, I think I'm getting confused with the details...

    I want to get one of the MJ Ursula zip clutches (especially with all those lovely pictures floating around)! How much are they now? (Are they % off, then with the $25 x ?, plus the $15 giftcards, etc)? I tried calling my local Bloomies, but they didn't even have any in, so they couldn't really help.

    And if I can't find an actual one at a Bloomingdale's, how much do you think Nordstrom's would PM?

    Geez, I'm confusing myself here... :shame: Anyone want to help me?
  2. Emoem,

    I saw Black & Cream Ursula Zip Clutches at Bloomies Fashion Island (949.729.6729). With the current Private Sale event (tomorrow is the last day), you will be able to get the following discounts:

    1. $25 off every $100 (max $100 discount)
    Ursula Clutch is $450 so you will get $100 discount, bringing its subtotal to $350

    2. $15 gift card for every $100 spent
    After offer#1 is applied, you will be eligible for 3-$15 gift cards

    Lobster and Moss Zip Clutches are discounted colors (not sure of the percentage amount now), you will be able to use offer#1&#2 on sale items as well. For example, if it's 30% off
    1. $450 x .7 = $315 - $100 --> $215
    2. 2-$15 gift cards

    Nordstrom will match offer#1 (at the minimum), not sure about #2 since it involves gift cards -- they might deduct the amount from the total? It all depends on your store's SA/manager which varies from store to store, some are easier to work with than others. Let us know how it turns out. =)

  3. Oh my, bag.lover, you are the BEST! This was like a handbag-math tutoring session. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me figure this out!

    Now to start calling around for the lobster...
  4. Darn!

    I've called a bunch of Bloomingdale's for the Lobster and no luck. I even called the Nordstrom's to check about the PM and they don't even have the Lobster color in their book.

    Waaah- I guess it's not meant to be then... *sniff*
  5. I just went to the bloomindales site and more bags were marked down including blake in olive $729 and the zip clutch in demin blue calf leather $294 and multipocket in denim blue for $729
  6. I'll keep an eye out for the Mj ursula zip clutch when I go tomorrow. Hopefully, you'll be able to find one. Did you call the NY store?
  7. I called Bloomies Fashion Island, SA Aldeco (??) said Lobster Clutch is on sale for $315 ($315 - $75 = $240 + 2 gift cards). System shows some East Coast stores still have 1 each, she said she'll have to call the store(s) to confirm its availability. If interested, give her a call at 949.729.6729. If I remember correctly, 59th Street at Lexington Ave store (800.232.1854) might have it.

  8. Bag.lover comes through again!!!

    Who are you?? You are like my handbag hero!

    *trying to imagine which handbag would go with your cape...*
  9. hehe, cute image!!! :biggrin:
    bag.lover, you know everything!!
  10. LOL! Emoem, you are too funny! Have you thought of any?
    Everyone here must think that I'm addicted to shopping, I haven't done any damage to my wallet during this event. I was calling my local Bloomies for Blush Zip Clutch, but it isn't available in their system. The only colors (among Ursula Quilted Clutches) carried by Nordstrom are Black, Chalk, Midnight, and Moss.

    Jennifer: Nah, I don't know much. Like everyone here, I'm still learning. =)

    If anyone sees Blush Zip Clutch at any department store (I didn't check with MJ boutiques), please let me know. TIA.

  11. Are midnight and moss on sale?
  12. How long is the sale?
  13. I think today is the last day of the Bloomies sale...

    Sadly, I decided that I will be good (which depends on how you define "good", I'm referring to my husband's definition here!) and pass on the clutch for now. BIG THANKS to all you who have been SO helpful though!

    Speaking of which, I don't know what it is, but patent leather just has this effect on me, this visceral reaction of "I...want... it...." Anyone else feel this way?
  14. Lobster sold out everywhere! :sad: Please help me if you find something?