Help with blake colors & Fall 06 leather quality...

  1. Hi all,

    I recently sold my berry Venetia because I thought it was too big for me (I'm 5'3") and I thought the Blake will be more fitting for my height. I thought of a Stam too but I think the chain makes it too dressy for me and it's also quite a large bag. I'm currently debating between the colors for a Blake, and I was thinking of either getting an Emerald Blake or one from earlier seasons. I've read from other threads that the Fall 06 black stam has a batch that does not have such good quality (like really matte leather), and I'm wondering if the same applies to other bags of the Fall 06 season. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. Are you looking for Blake in Soft Calf or Quilted Leather?
    I have seen both quilted & non-quilted Emerald Blake from F/W 06, the Soft Calf version is softer. That season's quilted styles are made of grained and structured calf leather.
  3. I'm looking for a non-quilted Blake :smile:
  4. How does the leather of the Soft Calf from Fall 06 compare with the leather of previous season's Soft Calf?
  5. You will be okay with the Soft Calf version (not matte). Are you set on Emerald? =)

    Recent Soft Calf leather isn't as soft as those from before.
  6. I think I'm almost set...I'm struggling between Sweet Pea from the season before and Emerald :push: ...decisions decisions!
  7. I have dark hair and pale I was thinking maybe Sweet Pea will work better for me? Opinions please! :push:
  8. I like Emerald, the color is really rich and deep. The leather is soft, but you have to break it in to get that really soft leather feel.
  9. Hmm...:sweatdrop: My only concern is that Emerald will be too dark for my skin tone (my skin's very pale), but I'm also thinking that the Sweet Pea will dirty more easily both on the outside and the inside (inside is I think a cream suede).
  10. Or...(a forbidden thought just passed through my mind) should I go after both of them!? :p Eeek!
  11. :yahoo: :yahoo: YES get BOTH!!!!!!! (then post pics!!!) :heart: Emmy
  12. Eeek! Emmy, you're such an enabler! What are you doing to me :push: jk :p

    I was also thinking of getting an MJ coat checkbook...:sweatdrop:
  13. Oh, that and I'm not sure if the Emerald will be harder to match outfits? The Sweet Pea (color of pea soup) maybe a bit of a more neutral color I think. What are you ladies' opinions? :rolleyes:
  14. I like the Emerald better than the Sweet Pea. While it may not be a "neutral", I think the Emerald will go with just as much as the Sweet Pea, while giving an extra bit of pop that the Sweet Pea lacks. MJ can do some color!
  15. Thank you! So two votes for Emerald! Leaning towards Emerald now, but still not for sure...Eeeek...:push: Others help save my checkbook too please!