Help with Black 07 First

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  1. I'm hoping I can get some help. This is my second ever post on TPF (first went unanswered). For a long time I have been thinking about getting a Black First from Bal NY. However, I have hesitated from ordering after reading that many have had their black fade to green, etc. I have never spent this much money on a bag ever, so it's especially frightening to even think that the colour would fade. I know other brands do replace bags if anything like that happens, Balenciaga according to the store manager in NY does not.

    I'll gladly spend on something that I know will last me a long time and is classic, such as jewelry. And as much as I want this bag, I'm scared! Would you wait for 08 Black to see what the bags are like? I really want a soft, non-veiny, matte bag. I'd appreciate any input on the quality of the Black F/W 2007 First in particular. Thanks :smile:
  2. Hmm- well IMO- I'd get a bag that has some age on it already- that is and HAS been jet black for years- 05 leather is amazing.

    Good luck on your hunt.
  3. I wish i could help u out but i do not have anything black from bal. I have a few bbags which i rotate frequently. Its only been a few months but i dun see fading of colours or wat so ever. The worse being split tassels. Good luck in ur search..
  4. I guess I might recommend an older bag too. My A/W 06 black first :heart: has amazing soft, silky leather and is really black. Downside: the tassels are terrible. If not that, I think you should look for 05 too, just be particular about the condition.
    I would be upset if I got a new one that turned to green. No idea about 08.
  5. ^^ from what i've seen, the only '07 black b-bags with good dye seem to be the giant hardware, for a first i'd try to find one from an earlier year ('04, '05, '06) of luck with your search!!! :okay:
  6. Welcome! :flowers:

    I have a 05 black First and it's smooth, soft, thick, only slightly glossy leather, plus it's really jet black. No fading AT ALL. I :heart: this bag!! They do pop up sometimes, and you could even get it for below retail, if you don't mind pre-loved.

    Here's a pic:


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  7. i have a black fw 07 day and it's still black but the tassels are splitting!

    also, i have a black ss 05 city that is still in good condition.
  8. ^tassels splitting already?!!

    :wtf: i'm speechless, south-of-france. too darn gorgy leather and it's my fave style (visually since i don't own one yet) :nuts::drool::tup:

    i didn't read up much about the fading black bbags but i've read once that you basically just have to take care not to leave the bag out in the sun and elements for too long, do what you're supposed to do when the bag's not in use, etc. etc. or perhaps you'd like to consider the colour plomb/steel? it's almost black, the leather's thick and smooth. don't think i've read of fading colour yet, though, since it's still f/w 07 now.
  9. i have a black fw/07 city not black has faded and the tassels have splitted...:tdown:
  10. I have an 05 Balenciaga First in Black which is beautiful the leather is just perfect and she is still as black as the day i bought her. Yes the tassels do split but you can always phone up Balenciaga NY and for a small fee they will send you some new ones, I have never treated any of my bags, you have to be very careful when cleaning or protecting, certain cleaners have the wrong Ph level this in sun light can react and change the color of you bag. check the PF Balenciaga how to clean your bags for the correct clearners to use that dont harm your bag.
  11. Nina-Mi , what has your Black City faded to. green? I just got an 07 two days ago from Barneys. It's smooshy and gorgeous , but I won't keep it if it's going to be green soon! Do you have pics?
  12. I recently got an 07 Black City and it is gorgeous and smooshy too. I actually think the split tassels are super sexy and add to the bag. I always anxiously await the splitting and am happy when it occurs.

    My BFF has an 06 City in Black and she carries it so much that it looks like Nicole Ritchie's! The more she carries it--the better it looks. It was veiny at first and then broke in and became extremely matte. My Work from the same year did the same thing. The viens fade with use and in my experience, the blacks darken. However, in the summertime sun her bag does sometime look like it has a greenish undertone--but it still looks black--if that makes sense. It's totally gorgeous and she is super hard on it.

    The City is fabulous, I think you should get one and enjoy all of its phases. From Stiff and new to slouchy and broken in. Veiny to matte. Pristine tassels to split & knock 'em dead badass. There are no regrets with the City!:tender:
  13. My fw07 RH black city is still jet black!:tup:

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  14. Thanks for the input ladies. I think I might just wait and see how 08 turn out. It will be tough, but I'd rather resist than be sorry. It would be easier not worrying about the leather if I got a pre-loved (credit to south-of-france :smile:). The bag is gorg btw. But I'm very particular and just can't bring myself to buy one that is not new.

    Pluiee that really sucks about the tassles. How is the rest of the bag holding up?

    Nina-mi what colour has your bag faded to?
  15. i have 3 black b-bags (one from 06, two from 07) and have not had any problem with fading. i have used my 06 black city for over 2 years now and it is still jet black. i don't know if putting products on the bag would cause the dye to fade because all my bags are untouched with any products. HTH.