Help with birthday plans!

  1. Hey all!! So my birthday is coming up in about a month. The only thing that's really sucky is every year I feel like I shouldn't do anything big and extravagant because it's right after the holidays and I know some people are still recovering from all the holiday financial issues. This year my birthday falls on a Tuesday (Jan. 8) and I'm not sure what I want to do. I don't want anything too big and expensive because the next day I'll be on a plane with DF to go a birthday vacation to Hawaii. Anyone have any ideas on what I can get together for a group of friends?? Anything helps. TIA! :flowers:
  2. ok so first I read your posts about your DF and your engagement etc and I think to myself "gee, her DF and mine sound exactly the same"

    then I read your poop/flushing/toilet horror stories and i think "gee, when i visited my grandfather in Poland the first time i had to use a damn outhouse, i can certainly relate"

    and THEN i come here and find out our birthday is the same day as mine which made me have an "aww" moment :smile:

    why don't u just invite your friends over for dinner and wine? you can also just meet them for dinner somewhere, but if you're worried about them spending $ then I suggest option 1 :smile:

    I totally understand, I always feel bad too cuz it's right after the holidays :sad:

  3. omg ur bday is also on jan. 8th!??! geez la weez!! what are the odds we have so much in common?!!? are u my freaking twin?!

    i dont drink really, (and ill only be 20!) but the REAL reason i dont wanna do it at my place, i dont wanna clean. AHHAHAHAAA!!

  4. haha then just have dinner out somewhere with them? can't really think of much else to do especially since it falls on a tuesday....i'm in CT and it's currently like 20 degrees and will probably drop down another 10-20, so I don't really get many b-day options :smile:
  5. well, on tuesday i think ill be with DF and Mom. but the next day ill be on the plane to hawaii. hopefully its hot like it was last january i was there. wish i can take u with me so we can do something in the heat!!
  6. I would go to your favorite resturant! maybe a sushi resturant or something a lot of people dont eat everday.
  7. I'm a huge fan of meeting somewhere fun where you can lounge around and chat, like a coffee house or something! That way it doesn't exclude people that may not be able to afford dinner...but they can get a cup of coffee or something.
  8. a lot of people here dont like sushi. (dont ask why! i love it!) maybe like benehanas or something?? i actually dont like benehanas, but theres another one near my house called ninjo castle that i heard taste better but same style of cooking.
  9. what about dinner at a hooka bar.. so we can all smoke hooka after and watch belly dancers?? its like candance's coffee idea.
  10. LOL that's a good idea....a hooka bar and belly dancers! Now you don't get to see that every day! Here we have to go to portland for that kind of thing and that's like a 2 hr drive :sad:
  11. ^^ last time the dancer danced while balancing a sward on her head. i dont think she realized DF was behind her because she was like 1/4 of an inch away from his bald head! everyone shouted, "careful!! move move!!"
  12. How fun, your bday is right around the corner!!
    I would agree with a night out with your close friends eating dinner at a restaurant, and just hanging out, then maybe go to a club afterwards(don't know if the minimum age is 18 or 21 in CA, though.) Or, I am assuming you live by the ocean, maybe, if it's somewhat warm there, have a beach-type day on the ocean, maybe rent a small boat for the day? Either way, I am sure you will have tons of fun in whatever you decide to do!! Happy early birthday, M!!
  13. thanks B!! and yah there ocean, but its cooooold!! SF water is ALWAYS COLD! but it does sound fun to have like a picnic at the beach! (reminds me of barefoot contessa on foodtv! always doing that!) we might go to a club, ya know to burn off all that holiday calories!!