Help with Birkin shopping in London

  1. Hello all! I have wanted a Birkin since I was a teenager, but finally have enough money to buy one! I wanted some advice from those of you in London please.....Are any of the London shops friendlier than the others?

    Should I be prepared to walk in and order exactly what I want, or is there any chance they will take time and talk me through it. Can I just walk in and order? Do any of them ever have any in stock?

    Forgive me if these questions seem daft, but I am betting that the London stores will be more...difficult (!!!!) than other countries and any tips would be great!

    Thank you!

    PS also does anyone know where I can get a husband like some of those mentioned on the Forum? The ones that turn up with an orange box on birthdays? I'd like to get me one of those!
  2. I would get on the train and pop over to Paris....
  3. I'm with Rose - next to no chance of buying a Birkin in London (or anywhere in the UK) unless you are extremely well connected.

    Off to the Eurostar for you....

    Good luck!
  4. I third that suggestion! You're lucky to live so close to Paris.
  5. Looks like the train for me then :smile: Thanks for the advice, at least I am not going to make a fool of myself in the shop!!!!
  6. ooh, another thought....Do Paris have them in stock or is it a case of ordering? I like so many different colours you see.....Also what about NY? The exchange rate with the pound is very good at the moment and it might be worth the flight!

    Thanks again........
  7. Elise, if the Paris store does not have any birkin in stock, ask if you can order one (based on your specifications). Since you live so close to Paris, it would only be a matter of waiting to hop on to the train to pick up your birkin when it is ready
  8. Forget NY the ladies here will tell you how hard it is to find a Birkin anywhere in the world other than, say, Paris. I say just head to Paris and see what you can find.
  9. Oh well, there goes my excuse to go to the NY meeting! Will try for scarves in London and Paris for the big purchase...

    Thank you again for all your help.
  10. Oh to live that close to Paris!
  11. I was told by Hermes Sloane Street in London that the wait list for Birkins would open early March well needless to say that hasn't happened and they are now saying possibly April. I do agree that it is far better to try Paris. I keep meaning to go over there and I will do probably over the easter holidays. The last time I went they had no birkins but every day is different. Good luck. I am on the cancellation wait list currently here in London for a birkin. yippee
  12. London very very difficult.. take the train.. its your best chance to come to close to a REAL hermes boutique and your dream bag!!
  13. hi welcome to the world of Hermes!
  14. a good friend of mine bought 2 birkins at one time from the London store.
    you have to be prepared in visiting H store, product knowledge in terms of their product line, color, leather name, the more you know, the better!
    this friend of mine bought her way up by purchasing small leathers like wallet, coin purse and the sales just showed her what they have in stock at that moment, and so she got 2 at one go!
  15. Don't give up on NY. I was just talking to a SA in NY and she said she had a Birkin for walkins. Unfortunately, I do not live in NY.