Help with Birkin Leather

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  1. I think it is ardennes, too, based on your closeup. Got fooled by the original photo #2 where the bag is slouchy, but since it's a 40 and might have been well-used, it now makes sense that it is ardennes. I don't know the name of this old first Birkin is from 2001 so this was just before my time.
  2. Holà!

    I just went through my Monde Hermes from 1995 to 2002.

    Found a picture of a Kelly that is twin with this Birkin... Clemence Vert. 1995 Vol II page 100.

    Found another picture of a wallet in Fjord Vert Foncé that is another twin to this Birkin !
    2000Vol II page 93

    To me it is not Ardennes. Ardennes does not have the additionnal tiny wrinkles arround each grain...If I may put it this way .....

    Ardennes does not reflect light in a "bubbled" way as seen on the close up from James. Those bubbles are mostly seen on Togo and Fjord, and sometimes on Clemnece when it is a small grained Clemence.

    I can't really decide between Clemence and Fjord but the color looking quite dark I would say Fjord Vert Foncé.

    This bag still has a part of mystery but anyway, whatever leather, this is a beautiful bag !
  3. perlerare, thank you for this--very interesting! Good points; agree, especially about the bubbled distinction (that is how I tell togo from clemence usually).
    Wasn't the old Fjord sort of thicker/stiffer than Fjord nowadays? I haven't seen it broken in enough to slouch like that, even in a 40....
    The mystery continues!!
  4. Alright... Ive got some higher quality closeups. Lets figure this out! :smile:
  5. Really interesting. When I looked at the second set of pics I was pretty sure not ardenne but I was also going against my first thought of fjord (from pic no. 1 first set) . I have never seen old fjord (that I know of LOL) so ?
  6. fjord?
  7. Cross post James, I vote Fjord!
  8. James,

    Maybe you and/or your girlfriend would enjoy popping into the Madison Ave. Hermes. Claude, their leather expert, is wonderful and should be able to distinguish the leather and color. It is a beautiful bag, no matter what it turns out to be!
  9. hahah, that was my next step if the experts here couldn't solve the mystery :smile:.
  10. Well, then -- we all will look forward to hearing what this mystery Birkin is! Good luck.
  11. #41 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    I give up! (although the top and second photo you posted most recently do look like fjord....)
    James, let us know what Claude says....
  12. LOL, Not a fair question, but I want to know who's who in the pics.
  13. I see the third pic has lighter stiching...

    the first and the second have green stiching.

    looks like two defferent bags to me...

    Sorry if I am wrong...
  14. and the second one looks like Fjord a lot.
  15. I am the one with the paisley pants and blue jacket. My girlfriend is the brunette holding the birkin. The people in the other picture are our friends