Help with Birkin Leather

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  1. same thoughts Pepper: the color is not a clemence color (per what i know and recall) i wonder if the size of the bag (looks like a 40) makes it more pliable.
  2. Wow, probably need to see a close up pic. The first bag looks like fjord ( the bag with the brunette), seeing veining and it looks like tone on tone stitching from my screen......but the second (with the blonde) looks like contrast stitching and am going with clemence.. so can you post a pic of the bag close up?. :shrugs:
  3. It is a 40. I will get a close-up picture tomorrow morning. The bag was in very good condition, you could barely tell it was used. D is 2000 according to the reference guide.

  4. its very lovely. I do believe it is Ardennes. I concur on the veining but even Ardennes was veiny. It may be fjord but fjord is stiffer than Ardennes and this bag has some bendability. To the best of my knowledge Fjord never came in this green. I know Fjord comes in Vert Fonce and this doesnt appear to be Vert Fonce. Now Vert Fonce in Fjord is quite dark and this could be Vert Fonce on Ardennes. Based on the date and the color I am leaning Vert Moyen in Ardennes but perhaps the closer pictures will be enlightening. The first and second picture look so different thats the confusing thing
  5. The second picture is surexposed. Colors are crashed with flash...All colors, including the green of that bag are lighter on the picture than IRL....

    Waitting for the close up picture.....:popcorn:
  6. agreed
  7. So we were walking to work today and then I remembered I didnt take a here are some pix in natural light...
  8. ardennes in my opinion-too veiny for clemence and its not fjord
  9. hahaha... This is harder than I thought it would be! Is there any consensus as to which of the perspective leathers is "better" or is it just personal preference?
  10. Just personal preference....not "better" or "worse." You stumbled into a den of H leather geeks! FWIW, ardennes is no longer used in bags. I saw it most recently in the seat of a stool of a desk set, but that's it. It's a great leather. Stiffer then clemence.
  11. Pepper is right: each leather has its own qualities. Ardennes (if this is) is a very tough and durable leather that holds its shape nicely
  12. So complicated! Why do they have so many similar leathers?!
  13. To create a body of esoterica that we can dither over, of course!! :smile:
  14. hahahha. So are we set on Ardennes?! What color would it be if it was? (bags from 2000 if that helps).
  15. I am going with Ardennes in vert moyen (did they make vert fonce in 2000) ---pepper? 2000 was the last year they prodcued vert moyen --i believe