Help with big yellow? diamonds!

  1. DH finally agreed to buy a baby present for baby #6. We received GIA sheets on two yellow diamonds, 8.4 & 10 carats. What is the difference between fancy intense and fancy yellow?
  2. Congratulations on your new baby! As for the diamond, I don't know, but if you go to www.pricescope.comthey can probably help you. There's a lot of diamond information there.
  3. Wow! After baby #6 you definitely deserve a yellow diamond!!
  4. Congrats on baby #6!

    You might want to check out Diamonds by Lauren. David specialises in coloured diamonds. His website is:
  5. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I'm no expert, but i have done some research on canary diamonds. Fancy intense should be a more concentrated yellow with more fire. I agree in checking out Diamonds by Lauren.
  7. I'd be very interested in knowing what the GIA says about the cut symmetry and polish. You need at least very good on both or don't bother. You're paying a sweet sum for a big diamond. You want it to flash like a headlight.

    You need to compare these diamonds in person. The color of the stones on your skin is pretty important.
  8. don't be rude here:nogood:
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  9. Hi LLL,
    This chart from David of DBL site will give you a better indication of the various shades of yellow diamonds.

    Happy shopping.
    YellowDiamonds1.JPG YellowDiamonds2.JPG
  10. You are just being ugly, as you have been in other posts I have seen. Are you jealous that she has a happy and fulfilling marriage and has been blessed with child no 6?
  11. Congrats on baby #6! I want to see pics when you end up deciding. I'm sure anything you choose will be GORGEOUS! :smile:
  12. I'd love a yellow diamond, but I don't see that as affordable for us unfortunately. I'm getting interested in yellow sapphires as they are more in our price range for now.
  13. Wow Congrats on baby number 6 as well as a canary diamond! I have been interested in canary diamonds for years now! I'm hoping to one day own one myself! good luck and have fun choosing your perfect canary diamond! has a huge display of canary diamonds. that may help you as well.
  14. I think the fancy intense might be a tad bit darker.
    You can contact the GIA, as they will be able to explain and also show you the difference on a microscope