Help with Best Offer method on Ebay. I think I won but didn't??

  1. Hello,

    I recently submitted a Best Offer offer to a seller on Sunday. It was declined and I did another offer at a higher price.

    All of a sudden, it appears that I am the winner of the Best Offer. However, I never received a message in my inbox or my email telling me that my offer was accepted. Is this the norm? I only found out that I won because it showed up under My eBay as something I had to pay for....

    Your help is very much appreciated. I thought eBay was very user friendly, but this really confused me. I thought they would at least let me know that my offer was accepted...
  2. I suggest you do a live chat with eBay to confirm you won.:yes:
  3. That sounds like a scam. Make sure you contact the seller before you do anything. You should definitely have had an e-mail saying you are the winner but if it was a scam the item wouldn't have showed up in your eBay win list. Contact the seller ASAP.
  4. Thanks for your quick responses ladies. I am definitely going to contact the original seller and Ebay.
  5. same thing happened to me last week... i placed an offer and the seller accepted but i didnt know until i clicked on the auction out of curiosity to check the other offers ! :confused1: no email was sent to me informing about winning the auction , only later i got an invoice from the seller....:yes:
  6. Wow I use BIN with best offer in my listings- I always thought ebay send an email letting the bidder know then won- thanks for the heads up
  7. If it's in your "MY EBAY" under items won, and it says you need to pay, then you won and you need to pay. Sometimes ebay emails can be so delayed they wont show up for a couple days.
  8. Yup, I've won something via Best Offer and never received an accepted email either. It just showed up in My Ebay as an item I need to pay for.
  9. I thought that you could only submit one best offer...I thought that I read that somwhere??? I must be mistaken.
  10. You can actually submit up to 3 obo. So if the seller declines the first offer you can send in another, and if they decline the second you have one more chance to submit an offer. After the third offer/decline you can not make anymore offers. Hope this helps.
  11. I always receive email when I submit offer, decline & accept by seller. Just re-check your "my message". Sometime email delay in your inbox.
  12. I think if it shows up your "my ebay" page as something you need to pay for, then it is a legit best offer win. I think ebay has to work on sending notification emails about that.

  13. I think it used to be only 1 offer, but they have increased it to 3.
  14. I've always had some kind of confirmation and from memory, I think it was a 'congratulations you won item' type message in my inbox plus, of course, the item under my 'items won' list in 'My Ebay' but then again I have only done this twice in my entire Ebay career so may be far from reliable as a source :shame: