Help with Barneys ...

  1. Hi everybody ... i placed an order with Barneys at least 8 days ago and it still hasnt shipped. I know its a busy time of year and there will be delays, but i also cant contact them. i have emailed several times and no response. is anybody having problems with this? do you think i will actually recieve my order?
  2. unfortunately yes, especially for sales items, it can take 1 week to ship, but the worst part is, they usually email a cancellation of order due to no stock after 1 week or should call them and they can tell you right away if they have the item or not~
  3. hi, thanks for your response, yes it is way over a week now. more like 10 days. i will try and call them now,

  4. from what i understand, Barneys pulls items from their stores. you might have better luck calling a store and asking them to track down your item.