help with balenciaga choices

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  1. i need advice. i think i want to buy a balenciaga handbag, but have never actually hald one. can someone illustrate the difference beteen the twiggy and the city bag? is the city bag the same as the "motorcyle" bag? sorry for being such a novice at this style!:amazed:
  2. On Tuesday I should have my first City (if UPS is on time); I already have the Twiggy and the box; you can look in My Bag Showcase to see them (on page 2 in my thread: Bags on Steel Surface).

    The City is higher (10" to 6") but the same diameter/length as the Twiggy (15"); the Twiggy has more depth than the City.

    The First/Classique/small city is neither as long or as high than it's big-sis the City/medium.

    For a comprehensive photo - tell all, go to
  3. thanks for the leads! i think what i like best is either the "first" or the "city". do you know if either of these are currently available at places like NM or Saks?
  4. Will attach twiggy/city photos for comparison. Some NM stores do carry b-bags (e.g. San Francisco).

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  5. You should email aloha rag and ask for their current PDF of bags. Of couse, calling Balenciaga NY is a great option, and Gretta Luxe or bob ellis shoes are also great options, both retailers have websites with their contact info - of course you cannot look at the bags online but you can order over the phone.

    If you want to see the bags in person, that may be tough depending on where you live - I live in Colo and our Neimans does not stock Balenciaga.
  6. you guys rock! thanks for the advice.
    looks like aloha rag has a great selection- are they dependable? do they have a reasonable return policy, if it's not exactly what i like?
  7. Lots of gals have ordered from them; I know there is a restocking fee if you return a purse; this is to cover the shipping expense.
  8. they have a color called bleuet- sounds like a medium blue. might be exactly what i need! i wonder if it is like cornflower, or different...
  9. ^ The cornflower blue is a very pretty medium blue shade.
  10. i know, i love it! i wonder what "bleuet" is like?
  11. Here is a pic of my city bag in Cornflower for your reference.
  12. THAT'S IT!!!! that's the one i lust after! must... have... it....
  13. I believe "bleuet" is the french name of the color frequently referred to as cornflower blue in the US. :nuts: Have you made your call today? Is it in the mail yet? :biggrin:
  14. i've called the balenciage NY store, but got voice mail... my finger is twitching when i'm near the phone. help!
  15. Yay, we converted anyone!!! lol