Help with Bag's authenticity

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  1. Hi all,

    I am currently 'lusting' over the MK Fulton Crossbody. Saw it when I was at the store (I live in Melbourne) and they are having sales (I bought a Multifunction Jetset large tote). Anyway, this Fulton crossbody is only at 30% off. I would have gotten it if it is at50%. The issue is it is the last one and on display. Have a bit of mark (which I believe can be cleaned). Have asked if they can take more off but they don't think so (I rang them today to check).

    So I can't decided if I should bite the bullet to get that display stock (which is at quite a reasonable price if convert to US dollar, it is 195 aussie dollar after discount), or buy brand new from Ebay (and take the risk of it might be fake).

    Dilemma dilemma.

    Sorry for such a long story
  2. Where was the mark? If it's hidden I might try to clean it, if it's large and clearly visible I might not take the chance that it can be cleaned just in case it can't.
  3. I had this issue with a crossbody I bought once and asked them if they could clean it since it was the last bag and their floor model. The SA cleaned it using their leather cleaner and although it got the stain out, she gave me a bottle of the cleaner and conditioner for free. It's always worth asking, I know when I worked luxury retail I always stood behind the brand/product and would go above and beyond to meet client expectations. I wanted to ensure the customer was satisfied with their purchase, whether they spent $300 or $3000.