Help with bag

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  1. #1 Jan 16, 2009
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    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me identify this bag. My MIL gave it to me. It's in brand new condition, I believe it was one of hers. All I know is that it's a valentino but I don't know the name of the bag or what year it was made. Would appreciate any help you can offer. I emailed valentino but they haven't replied :sad: Please help:crybaby::sad:

  2. hmmm, I'm not familiar with Valentino bags, but maybe you can post this in their thread and they can help.

    Hope you find out!
  3. ^We actually don't have a Valentino Forum.

    shaylar, I hope someone is able to provide some info! :yes:
  4. Thank you.. I hope someone will be able to identify the bag... Thanks so much for the replies
  5. I typed in every Alternative search in Google images for Valentino bags and I am still unable to find the name or year this bag was made.. It doesn't appear to be too old, maybe a few years.. Grr, Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much Shay
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    Hi Everyone, I found this bag on ebay.. Looks to be a similar style to the bag I have just a different material. Mine is embroided/Crotchet type.. This one is pony hair. Does anyone remember this bag and similar bags around this time? Thanks Shaylar.