Help with bag

  1. Hi everybody. My name is Denise and this is my second post on PF. :biggrin: I wonder if you could help me identify this bag I saw in the picture. If you go to the following page, you see an off-white bag in the picture on the right. Would anybody know the make and model of this? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. It is the Celine Clandestine, I think!
  3. It is the larger size (I think) and in blush. I saw the medium a couple weeks ago at NM and almost bought it. Great bag.
  4. Indeed it is!! Thanks chigirl. Say, are you from/located in Chicago?
  5. yep. grew up in the 'burbs. you?
  6. Deniseorange,

    The bag is Celine Clasdestine in Large (size), Powder (color), and Lambskin (leather).

    Unfortunately, this combination is not sold to the general public -- According for many members on TFS, 2 sample models were sold (1 was bought by a TFS member, another was bought by a member here). Lots of information can be found on TFS's Celine thread:

    Nordstrom/Celine/NM carry Cream/Black/Luggage in 3 sizes: Large (pockets on the side), Medium (pocket in the front), and Small (size of evening bag) & 2 materials: Calfskin and shrunken calfskin . Medium+Powder+Calfskin combo, sold at NAP, is very hard to find in US, might have to place special order through Celine boutique.

    I bought Cream Cladestine in Medium from Nordstrom.

  7. Sorry I meant to say powder not blush (not sure where that came from). Thanks bag.lover!
  8. Don't worry about it Chigirl. They are both pink, I'm confused by the different color names (ie. Ivory/chalk/off-white)...
  9. I spent a couple of years there for work.

    I think the large version (with pockets on the sides) is the best looking. Unfortunately, it is only a show piece.. Oh well.. Keep dreaming. :love:
  10. Love that bag! I saw it in the luggage color, and not as beautiful to me. The pale pink makes the bag, imo.