Help with bag style!?

  1. I was shopping downtown a few days ago and saw a girl with a gorgeous bag, and instantly I thought it was MJ. I have a few MJ bags but I am no way an expert on past styles, etc.

    Anyway, it was black and quilted, and it looked as though the quilted stitching was a dark brown, similar to this:

    It was a shoulder bag- no chain straps, and looked like a basic over-the-shoulder tote/shopper. I can't remember if there were pockets, etc.

    Does anyone know if this sounds like an MJ bag? ANY help is appreciated! THANKS!
  2. Did it have any pockets?

    For future reference, questions like these should be posted in the "Name that Bag" thread at the top of the MJ forum.
  3. oops! I'll go post it there.