Help with bag ID? Thank you!

  1. Hello, Chanel ladies. :smile:

    I saw this picture today in the Sartorialist's blog (link leads to the picture, not the post), of a beautifully-dressed woman with a gorgeous pink bag. It looked like Chanel to my uneducated eyes, and someone in the comments said the same thing. My question is, what bag is this, exactly? I've been looking at this picture all day; that's got to be one of the most beautiful shades of pink I've seen on a purse. Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Wow, nineteen views and no one knows? I'm amazed! I looked in the reference thread, but my eyes are crossing and it's past my bedtime. I'll check back again tomorrow. :yes:
  3. It's a caviar bowler. It came in two sizes. The one in the pic is a large one. There is also a slightly smaller version of the bag. They pop up on eBay often. I have seen them in Black and Pink. They may have come in other colors too, but I am not certain.
  4. Thanks so much for your response! :smile:

  5. Glad I could help. And yes....I was just on eBay and I see a few listed.
    If you choose to purchase on ebay, just be certain that you get the bag authenticated on this forum under the link Chanel Shopping....then click on the AUTHENTIC THIS link. Not all sellers are honest and not all sellers are selling the real thing.

    here is a couple I saw on ebay....

    One is black and the other pink. One looks like the larger size and the other the smaller size.