help with bag descriptions (pics)

  1. Hi all,

    I have decided to sell some COACH bags. A friend of mine is listing them for me on eBay.

    The only issue is that I have no idea what the names of these bags are, and how to describe them as coach would on their website. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    The pictures of both bags are attached.


    Bag 1 & Bag 2
    bag 1.jpg bag 2.jpg
  2. bag #2 is the hamptons tote. i have one too, love it...but i cant tell from the pic which size it is. it came in a few
  3. I think #1 is a Soho tote----hopefully someone can chime in!
    #2 is a Hamptons weekend tote. I have this in denim and pink---it's prolly going to eBay also!