Help With Bag Color !!!

  1. I recently bought a new Francesco Biasia yummy blue metallic hobo and noticed silver marks on the bag. I first just thought they were from the bag being made but noticed more and more silver showing up. Apparently, the blue color is coming off the leather! I am heartbroke, I loved this bag and no one at the company will help me saying it is not their fault and isn't reapairable....does anyone have any leather treatment suggestions on how I can stop anymore of the blue color coming off??
  2. Sorry to hear what happened to your bag! Some leathers/colours blush a lot more easily than others. My leathersmith recently recommended a leather spray that helps seal in the colour and protects it from stains and weather damage. He says it can be used on shoes, coats, bags, etc. I've been scared to use it on a high-end bag, but I put it on my Frye boots and it helped. I forget what it's called, but try going to your leathersmith. The kind mine recommended was in a white can, but the pump was not aerosol (so you can't just hold down and spray--must pump the mist). Good luck!