Help with Bag Charm!

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  1. I bought this season's bag charm yesterday and now, staring at it, I haven't the foggiest idea how to open the round ring. Help!

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  2. momtok posted a great explanation complete with diagram in the bag charm clubhouse. It is post 2544, page 170. I'm sorry I can't do a link for you!
  3. Someone has a good pic somewhere on this, perhaps in the charm clubhouse.

    The piece to the left of your finger moves. Push that backwards from the ring towards the chain, that will free the ring to rotate. Rotate the ring around until you come to the gap. Voila!
  4. Thanks for your reply, as it happens I followed Felyne's instruction and it opened!:smile:
  5. Wow, great instruction! Got it open on the second try! Thanks so very much!!