Help with Auctiva!!

  1. I just started using Auctiva today, but i accidentally posted 2 auctions for one item. How do i delete one of the auctions and do I still get charged for it?? Thank you!!
  2. If they have gone live on eBay I don't think you can do anything from Auctiva's site but you can contact eBay and explain the situation--they MIGHT delete the duplicate listing and refund your fees, but might not. I'd try Live Help.
  3. There's nothing you can do about it. It happened to me twice! Both times I harrassed ebay about it and they had stupid canned replies.

    Be careful when using Auctiva, especially when you want to alter a scheduled listing. I think there's a bug where you can't do adjustments within a certain time frame like 10 mins up to the time it is scheduled to list as the original will remain unchanged and your alteration will be treated as another. Both times it happened to me. If however I make changes past 10 mins into listing, it doesn't happen.
  4. It's happened to me too :s and yes, if you just email the problem to eBay they will give you their stupid canned responses, but shockingly, Live Help was actually of some HELP once to me. LOL I nearly died of shock and I'm not saying that they meant to be of assistance :lol: but somehow I got my three bucks back or whatever.

    Worst case scenario, though, if you can't get any help you lose out on the listing fee and just end the auction early.
  5. Is anyone having problems with the auctiva site today?
    I can't sign on, and it's 20cent listing today.
  6. thank you both!!

    I must've clicked on that Live Help button at least 30 times, but there was too much traffic and I couldn't get through. THEN I went on eBay's site to find a way to cancel my auction early and realized I would still get charged the listing fees. So what I did was I ended up deleting all of the info for one auction and replacing it with descriptions of something else I was trying to sell. The only bad thing is that b/c I was technically revising my auction from eBay and not Auctiva, I was only able to upload 1 picture.
  7. can you sign on to auctiva smallbag .... anyone?
  8. I don't use them anymore, pursesuader, so I don't know if they're having issues. Normally, though, all photo hosts or listing sites get a little wonky on reduced-fee days because the traffic is so heavy. :s Sorry!!
    Do they have forums or support boards you can check for the latest info, or you just can't log onto the site at all?

    smallbag, that was smart to just edit the listing to another item--as for the pic issue, maybe just put a blurb into the auction explaining briefly that you had an issue while listing and that you have extra pics but bidders need to email you for them?
  9. pursesuader-- I just tried signing on to auctiva and it worked, so maybe they were just having problems earlier this morning

    Cynthia-- I put a blurb about my listing problem just like you said. Hopefully people will actually e-mail me for more pictures. However, I've noticed in general that most people don't bother....maybe b/c it's a hassle or they don't feel like bothering the seller? I dunno..