Help with Auctiva needed! Invoice wrong


Dec 26, 2007
I sold an item last night and when I sent the invoice, it looked correct. Item sold for $50.00, shipping was $10.00, insurance optional at $1.65. Well when the buyer tried to pay, it said she owed $5.05 for insurance. So I sent a second invoice (looked okay) and it was still wrong.

I then went into Auctiva and purchased the insurance myself for $1.40 thinking that would fix it, but it now says the buyer owes $4.65 for insurance. What do I do!? And where did it come up with $5.05 as the insurance cost?

Should I just lower my shipping cost so that it comes out to what it should be?


Jimmy Choo lover
Jul 2, 2007
Northern California
I had a problem with auctiva and insurance too. I had to have them fix it. I will not use them again. It is too frustrating to complete your entire listing and then submit it and get an error notice! This has happened almost 50% of the time with them!