Help with Auctiva needed! Invoice wrong

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  1. I sold an item last night and when I sent the invoice, it looked correct. Item sold for $50.00, shipping was $10.00, insurance optional at $1.65. Well when the buyer tried to pay, it said she owed $5.05 for insurance. So I sent a second invoice (looked okay) and it was still wrong.

    I then went into Auctiva and purchased the insurance myself for $1.40 thinking that would fix it, but it now says the buyer owes $4.65 for insurance. What do I do!? And where did it come up with $5.05 as the insurance cost?

    Should I just lower my shipping cost so that it comes out to what it should be?
  2. Ebay is all messed up. Thie new checkout is just plain not working right at times.
  3. I had a problem with auctiva and insurance too. I had to have them fix it. I will not use them again. It is too frustrating to complete your entire listing and then submit it and get an error notice! This has happened almost 50% of the time with them!