Help with assignemnt

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  1. hi guys i have this assignemtn to do see below:

    ''a small macromedia flash animation that goes through eleven questions on dining etiquette in different countries. A short but fun animation on cultural differences.

    The instructor said that we can use macromedia, windows video maker, or even powerpoint.

    She gave me 2 topics as an idea to choose from:

    Global HR
    Global Marketing''

    can anyone help me? i dont know how to do macromedia , or windows video maker and i dont want to do it on powerpoint.. its due on sat :sad:

    i was thinking of doing Mc. Donalds.. as they cater thier menu to diff cultures along with the original menu

    like in the gulf we have Mc Arabia, in germany i know they serve beer in mcdonalds.. any help or ads. or anythign to do with this would be most helpful
  2. that assignment sounds really cool. i dont know how to use the first two options but obviously pwrpoint isn't too hard!! i would just stick to what i (you) know, stay with powerpoint and have fun with it!!