1. Hello Girlies,
    Can anyone help me with ebay listing 6868627416??? I've been wanting this exact bag, but don't own a Hermes so I have no idea what to look for. Can any of you with more expertise help me and let me know if you think it's authentic??? I appreciate your time. Thanks!!!:biggrin:
  2. mselika, guaranteed 100% FAKE. Stay away from that auction!

  3. Thanks girl! You're awesome. I figured too good to be true. I guess my desire to own that bag got over me............
  4. Goes to show that some ebay sellers will take many, many pictures and be super descriptive in the attempt to sell a fake Birkin...
  5. You are great Gigi for helping members out like you do!
  6. Gigi: Is it just the price? I see the stitching is a little too straight across (the stitching on my bags are kind of slanted). How else can we tell it is fake? The photos are not too clear.
  7. Birkinbaby, for the auction that mselika mentioned, I wasn't looking at the price alone. There were a few things that I spotted, which I'd rather not post the details openly on the board. Some counterfeiters could be lurking on the board to "learn" how to "improve" the fakes. I'd hate to have the information abused by these crooks.

    In the past, I have seen a handful of eBay auctions of very good fakes...with authentic box, rain-jacket, dustbags etc. Everything looks authentic, except the bag. It is very dangerous to buy through eBay, unless one knows what to look out for in the bag. There are some VERY unscrupulous sellers out there...
  8. There are several reputable sellers of Hermes items on e-bay - I know one of these gals posted a list somewhere - perhaps we could put a sticky on that list? Maybe someone else will remember....was it Greentea? Or Gigi?.....anyway...I would go by the "lists" first -- JMO --:amuse:
  9. Thanks Shoe :smile: I think it was Greentea who posted the list of reputable resellers.
  10. I've also heard that some Ebay auctions show pics of an authentic bag and then send you a different bag, obviously fake. So even if you see an authentic bag pictured in an auction, doesn't mean that that's the bag you're going to get...:hrmm:
  11. Yes, that's it - Greentea's list -- that's why it's so great to have a forum such as this to run the auctions by these gals!! Being an honest person, it's just hard to believe people are able to sell fakes to us!! Most likely in order to get an authentic you are going to pay close to retail -