HELP! with an antique (?) purse

  1. I bought this purse quite awhile ago at my church yard sale...I love it, but its somewhat dirty. It has a few stains; how can I remove them without damaging the purse?

    Thanks in advance!





    you can see it used to have a strap (it wasn't a shoulder strap though) but it was half off when i bought it then fell off completely. i don't know where it is now, i can't imagine i would've thrown it away.
  2. does anyone have any helpful information?
  3. Is that satin or silk? I would be afraid to get it wet in case it stains.

    The other issue is the beading... whatever you use to remove the stains could remove the coating from the beads, depending on what kind they are OR weaken the stitching holding them on.

    If you're not too worried about it, you could try diluting some Shout gel in warm water and swab it on outside. If the beading holds up to that, you could try soaking it in a Shout/warm water mixture and then let it air dry.

    Another option is to re-dye it with a darker color to mask the stains. The beading probably wouldn't be affected by it.
  4. Thanks for the help -- I'm not sure exactly what its made of really. I just wish I could fix it up, it's such a cute purse! And I wish I knew where the strap is!
  5. It is a really cute bag. I think it woud be fab as a clutch without the strap.

    The more I think about it, I think the best option would be to dye it a taupe or brown color. I think it would produce the best results, but dyeing is always risky.
  6. i dont even know how to dye :X