Help with an Agenda and Duomo Capacity

  1. I have two questions here really -

    1. What size agenda and which would look best in a Duomo?
    I dont need a page a day, just 2 pages for a week and a address book - I'm thinking maybe a Pomme Vernis, or Azur for contrast and I may get an Azur bag later on, or Red Epi - any other suggestions? .. size maybe Small or Medium if they fit

    2. Can I fit all this into a Duomo do you think?
    - 2 Eyeglass Cases
    - Damier Organizer with ID Wallet 4.5 x 6.5
    - Agenda (which size?)
    - Cles

    Anyone use a Zippy organizer in a Duomo by the way, just wondering if it fits ok if I use one in it instead of the Damier ID Wallet?

    Here's a pic of the Duomo from eLuxury for reference - I bought it already but its waiting for me at the store in Calgary and I won't get it till I move up there later this month.

  2. Yes, I think all your stuff listed will fit in the duomo. I have a damier koala agenda and it works great for me. I think maybe a medium agenda could fit, too. But small would work better. The pomme would be gorgeous. The interior of the duomo is the red alcantara so the pomme would be beautiful. The pomme is actually a shade or two darker red than the duomo interior, but it doesn't clash. I don't have a zippy, even tho I would LOVE to have one. Those are fairly large, so you may wanna check in the boutique to see if a zippy will fit with all your other things. The duomo is such a pretty bag. It's my favorite damier piece. It is a little heavy, even when empty, so be prepared for a heavy bag when it's loaded up. Early congrats!
  3. if you don't have a lot of things to write down, small agenda should be fine, but i find my koalas too small for me needs :'(, looking for an upgrade in Medium which does not come in Vernis.....

    W/what you listed, they should all fit in nicely in duomo, for an contrast agenda piece, i'd go w/Azur, Red Epi, or Pomme if you don't mind the possibility of color transfer.
  4. depending on how much you write/how big you write, a small could work. a medium will also fit in the duomo, as will the rest of your goods.
  5. Thanks guys, that sounds good - I can probably do with a small and that will help with the weight and space I expect. Helps a lot!
  6. it might sound silly, but if you decide to go w/small agenda, check out the refill paper size and make sure it's comfortable for u to write in, have fun in LV :yahoo:!
  7. You finally got it! Congratulations!!! I think you could fit all of those items in your duomo. I can stuff quite a bit in mine.
  8. Classic Chicit might sound silly, but if you decide to go w/small agenda, check out the refill paper size and make sure it's comfortable for u to write in, have fun in LV :yahoo:!

    Oh thanks Classic Chic - I probably need to do that - I love the Pomme but maybe I should just wait to the end of the month when I meet up with my bag and try a few out, even if the Pomme isn't available anymore something else will be great I'm sure. The Pomme was on eLuxury today which is what really got me thinking about it .. oh I'm still making up my mind LOL such great choices!

    Hehe thanks but only sort of I'm in Texas and it will be at the LV store in Calgary waiting for me when I move up at the end of the month - did the purchase by fax after visiting the store a few weeks ago - but am just working out my accessories - this gives me something happy to think about during moving which I find stressful. I am very excited about going back to Calgary after 15 years in Texas (less 4 years of that in Seattle) but the Duomo keeps me cheered up :smile:

    It is such a gorgeous bag I can't wait!
  9. i can fir my wallet, medium agenda, makeup, keys, sunglasses and cell phone in my Duomo. the medium agenda has a week spread over 2 pages, and to me it's the perfect size because it's most comfortable to write in
  10. Congrats, maybe geranium suhali agenda???
  11. That is a very good suggestion! Its such a gorgeous colour and the leather is lovely - I was thinking if I go for Suhali that's the colour I'd like :smile: - glad you pointed that out.
  12. Hi Tina!

    Congratz on your Duomo! I hope I can help with some of your questions....

    I took pics of what you wanted to know about fitting in the Duomo.

    PIC 1: 2 Eyeglass Cases, Medium Agenda(5.75 x 4.5), Brazza wallet, and Pomme Cles. I also added a cell phone.

    PIC 2 & 3: Has all of the above in the bag. You can see the amount of free space for more stuff!

    PIC 3 & 4: Just for fun! Shows what I carry daily. I use a "Purse Bright" -- it's similar to the Purseket, but it has a LED light-clip (which can be attached/unattached), which comes in very handy!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    HTH ;) !
  13. Jazzie that is so awesome! Thank you so much ! - LOL I completely forgot about the cellphone -- wow that can hold a lot! I love your Purse Bright - that sounds like a marvelous idea that it has a light in it - I dont have anything like that.

    Very much appreciate you taking those pictures for me - your Heart coin purse looks great on the outside as well :smile: ... thanks again!
  14. :yes: Congrats on the Duomo! I love mine. And yes, I use my monogram Zippy Organizer in it and it fits fine. I also carry a small mono agenda, my cles, my Ipod, My Pochette cosmetique, an eyeglass case, a porte monnaie rond, a cell phone and a Damier pocket organizer. There is still lots of room left.

  15. Geez Louise thats a lot of stuff in there. lol