HELP with Agenda sizes

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been looking through the member's items thread and saw some beautiful agendas and would like to get one for myself. I need to know if there is any agenda that fits a page-a-day calendar and if Hermes even sells them. What about the zippered agenda? I'm clueless :sos: .

    Thanks all :flowers:
  2. I have the zip agenda. I have a week per page but it also comes with a day per page in 4 booklets.
  3. Thanks Rose :flowers: , then I'm after the zip agenda. I'm going to NYC the beginning of December and hope to pick one up then.
  4. Rose, thank you for the links. I LOVE your violet agenda :drool:, the color is just gorgeous. Is your agenda Veau Mirroir? If so, I'm not familiar with this leather, is it new? Is there a sheen to it?

    Thanks :flowers:
  5. Molls, yes, mine is Veau Mirroir in cyclamen (jsut like the one on the Lux-all web, where I got mine). It does have a sheen and I love it!
  6. I bet it's lovely in person. Thanks for all your help, I now know what I want and I only hope I can find one when I get to NYC - as for colors, I'd be in heaven with a vert anis, violet, cyclamen, orange, anything bright :heart: .