Help with accessory Wapity or Mini Pochette!

  1. Would :love: to have a Wapity! I think they're soooo cute! You could get it in the reg mono or even MC! Plus, if you just want to grab it and go, there it is! You won't have to lug around a bag!!
  2. Wapity! It has a much cuter shape than the mini pochette. I want one in the white MC, I think that's what I'm going to ask for my birthday from the bf :biggrin:
  3. If you're intending to use it in your speedy, I would have to say the mini pochette. It fits in perfectly, and you can attach the chain to the d-ring inside the bag. And it's perfect as a little wristlet. I wish it came in MC though.

    Just some ideas for your decision ! ;)
  4. which one can actually hold more? thanks again!:lol:
  5. WAPITY (hehe...I just love typing that)!
  6. Wapity.
  7. i agree.
  8. Could someone post a pic with yourself and your wapity?? I would love to see what it looks like on someone! I am also considering purchasing a wapity.

    Ive seen what the wapity looks like on Jessica Simpson...but she is too tiny for normal people.

  9. Wapity.
  10. I love the wapity, especially in white MC :love:
  11. My mom got a MC white Wapity today....SOOO CUTE.

    I love the wapity. There is a picture of Jessica Simpson on the boards with her a search.

  12. hmmm, what a toughy! i totally think they're both SO SO cute!!! if it came down to crunch, i'd go with the wapity!!! :smile:
  13. wapity > pochette :love:
  14. Wapity!! It has blazed through the PF and it's cute factor is through the roof!