Help with accessorizing my plum ergo please....

  1. I'm stuck.

    I want to accessorize my bag but I cant decide on which scarf and/or charm to get!

    I tried a (non-coach) leopard print scarf just to get the idea of what it looked like.. and it was actually pretty cute.. So I might be on the hunt for a leopard ponytail scarf...

    and as far as a charm goes, i really like the Signature Flower Charm #
    92258 thats on the website right now...

    But those two, the leopard scarf and the flower don't match each other...

    I have also thought of just a pink scarf or maybe a lavender one...

    So, what do you ladies suggest I use for my bag? Any other scarves out there? or charms? I also want the hardware to match.... (which is the goldish color... i think its called nickel?

  2. I am really enjoying all of the Valentine's things now...with the heart charms and scarves!!! But I like your idea of the flower...lots of different colors!!!

    Good luck in deciding!!!
  3. Also,

    I'm looking for a mini skinny to match my plum ergo... any suggestions there too???
  4. I have the plum belted Ergo tote and thing the bag looks best without any
    additional Embellishment. I find it has too much with the belts going on to add
    anything else. Why don't you get a wristlet or wallet to match it?

  5. Thank you ladies for the responses and the investigating! LOL!

    Liz: I loved how the leopard looked.. I didnt tie it in a bow... i just tied it on with a simple knot and it was cute... but I'd like to at least have a charm for it... Maybe i'll post a pic so you can see :smile:

    CoachGirl: I love those scarves! I think the trippy one is awesome... But i love them both.. The wallet is cute too.. I emailed the seller of that mini skinny and she said the tag says its wine... bummer. I think the plum wristlet is going to be the winner in that catagory. Unless i can find checkbook that matches.. there is one out there on eBay now, i just cant bring myself to spend that much on a wallet... at least not now anyways... ;)

    I still like the idea of a good charm... I dont know...
  6. When I purchased my plum ergo, the display had the zebra stripe ponytail scarf tied on it. It was so cute that I had to buy it. Try a zebra stripe it is really cute!
  7. How about a tatersal scarf and your letter charm, the new ones have neutral/muted colors.
  8. Great idea - the tattersall scarf is so pretty and springy, and (depending on your initial) the new letter charms would go so nicely. :yes:
  9. I agree with Lizcordva, you should get a wristlet or a mini skinny to match.