Help with abbreviations

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a Purse Forum newbie and am having a little trouble figuring out some of the abbreviations used in the entries.

    SO = Significant other
    BF = Boyfriend
    tPF = The Purse Form

    What is DH? = ??? husband

    are there any others I should know?
  2. WTF is used alot around here!:lol:
  3. IMO= in my opinion

    DH= dear husband
  4. I just joined yesterday.... I just assumed DH was "darn" or some such variant haha:P
  5. Thanks everyone! I go to the urban dictionary alot but I had assumed that DH was Damn or Darn husband. Darling works too - if they are on the good side!!
  6. BTW = By The Way
  7. You are correct !!:yes: :biggrin:
  8. DH - in my book is Dutiful Husband. :smile:
  9. DH = Dear Hubby (in my lexicon).

    Took me 'til yesterday to figure out PHH = Purse Hating Hubby! :biggrin:
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