Help with a trench coat!!

  1. I have been looking at trench coats. I want a moderatley priced one but also something I can wear after this year. I really love this Juicy Couture one but I am unsure about the sleeves?? When it's cold I will wear it with a long sleeve underneath. But do you think it is too trendy or do you think I will be able to wear it for a few years?? The link takes you to a pink one it will be that style but in the black. I love the pink but let's start with the black! Help.....
  2. Its cute!
    I am not a fashion expert and keep up with trends year by year. So I am not sure but I feel like the cropped sleeves became the most popular this year.. so it may not be so popular next year?

    Perhaps you could look at different trench coats and if you feel like this is the one you really like.. try pairing it with some nice long gloves for those warmer days when you wear short sleeves or something.

    I think its really cute and a good price!
  3. The thing is for that kind of money you are half way towards a Burberry one which will last you a lifetime and be eternally elegant
  4. wow very cute!!!!!!!!!
  5. I agree with effinhaute that you should go for one with full-length sleeves. Much more classic.
  6. ^^^
    Yes, plus, you can always roll your sleeves up (assuming it's not a thick trench), which is very chic and nonchalant -- like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany.
  7. I agree, but to come up with with another $400 is not an easy task :nogood:...
  8. I love it! I saw this in In Style, the March issue and it immediately caught my eye! I say go for it, it's not too trendy at all!
  9. In a trench I'd go with a full length sleeve. I bought a black Michael by Michael Kors trench at Nordstrom's awhile ago for about $130. If you shop around you may be able to find one less pricey but still very chic.
  10. Here's a pic of the one I bought. I got it in black. It was $128.
  11. That's lovely! I've been looking for a nice trench that's not too pricey. Is that from Nordstrom?
  12. I jUst purchased a black DKNY CLASSIC TRENCH (LONG SLEEVES) on line for 62.50!!!!!! The orig. price was 250.00 and the sale started on 14th and ends today!
    Check it out- there was a ruffle one as well-but a little too trendy for me.
    I called a store and the SA said it was sold out in the store but still aval. on line-sizes m-xl Good LuCK , :tup:
  13. it's a cute trench coat but too trendy imo. a full length sleeved one will be more classic
  14. I prefer full sleeved one, so I could wear it without a hassle to think what I should wear underneath. With short sleeved trench coats, I have to figure out what color shirts I need to wear so it would match with the coat. You could buy a traditional long sleeved trench coat and accessorize it with trendy scarves and handbags.
  15. After I posted this thread and then I was driving to work I realized that I should just spend a little more money and get really nice one with a long sleeve that will last forever!! Thanks guys for all your opinions!!