Help with a tough decision - Any Cabat/Sloane/Julie owners out there?

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  1. Ok, so this season I purchased the Sloane in Moro (dark brown) and the Julie in Ebano. I just got the Sloane (haven't used it yet, just stared and drooled!) and am waiting for a delivery of the Julie. I happened to stop in the BV boutique today and looked closer than ever before at the medium Cabat (in Ebano).

    I don't know what to do! I could have the Cabat or both of the other bags. What would you do?

    Any Cabat owners out there who can tell me how they like using their bag??? Same goes for Sloane and Julie owners...

    I'm looking for ease of use, durability, etc. I have a baby and the Cabat is appealing because it holds so much and is easy to get in and out of.'s very wide open! Oh no! Too many beautiful choices!!!

    What is your opinion fellow TPFers? Thank you!!!
  2. I just got the medium cabat (nappa in ebano) recently. The bag is absolutely beautiful. I appreciate that unlike other bags such as the Sloane, the cabat requires a higher degree of skill/talent to weave the bag. This is not to say that I don't like the other bags because I do also have other BV styles.

    Apparently the large has leather ties that can be used to close the bag a little and to give it a triangular shape. The medium that I received has no ties. It's simple in design and I don't mind the wide opening, particularly since I am not overly concerned about people lifting items from my bag. I live in a small town where crime is normally very low.

    When I purchased it, I intended it to be a work bag and a bag to tote my children's things. Now that I have it, I don't think that I can use it to tote the kid's stuff. I'm too paranoid that it'll get oil or other difficult to remove stuff on it, and I just can't see toting this on the playground. Additionally, the kinds of things that I would tote for kids are not the kinds of stuff I would feel comfortable putting in the bag (i.e., wet drink bottles). Maybe I'm too type A!
  3. hi jll9! thank you so much for the reply. I appreciate your help. I also noticed your collection listed under your post...quite impressive! I'm jealous!

    so are you glad that you got the cabat? have you used it a lot? thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the compliment. I have been told that I just reached the middle aged range by my colleagues (I just turned 35), and I've been treating myself to a few bags now that I've hit this milestone! :biggrin: My friend just gave me a digital camera (to replace my now defunct one), so I'll have to figure out how to use it and post some pics of my collection. I remember saying to my friend that having a designer bag in the town I live in carries no cachet. I doubt if anyone in my town would recognize the brand Bottega Veneta; I buy my bags because I like them and I feel good carrying them.

    As to your question, I just got the cabat last week and have used it twice. You'll have to ask me that question in a few months to get a better answer!
  5. One last question - did the price of the Cabat actually go up? The SA at my BV boutique told me it didn't - 3900...was that the price prior to last thursday?
  6. I don't know what the current selling price is but it was $3900 before May 24.
  7. I went through several baby bags before I settled on the two I use. Here is the criteria I used to choose them...
    1. I can easily carry it on my shoulder.
    2. it has pockets for carrying bottles upgright.
    3. it has a pocket for easy access to the changing pad.
    4. I will not cry if anything spills or leaks in the bag.
    5. it has a zipper top so I can close it
    6. it doesn't have a look that screams "diaper bag".
    7. There is a place for me to put my wallet and keys for easy access.

    As for the Cabat, IMHO, I would say, "Get the bag, it's gorgeous." I wouldn't use it as a baby bag is because of the whole leaking/spilling thing. Bottles and sippy cups leak.

    One last thing. Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes (small and medium) come in handy when it comes to organizing the big open space of a baby bag. I used one for a change or two of clothes and another for diapers, wipes, diaper cream and disposable changing pads.
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