Help with a seller.....

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  1. This is probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things on eBay, but I bought an insanity DVD set on eBay. They seller shipped very fast and I got it yesterday. I was thrilled that it came so fast and in perfect condition, so I left glowing feedback. I wake up this morning to a cancellation request and an email from the seller stating that since I received my item and everything was perfect, if I mind canceling the transaction. This makes no sense to me! I left feedback so he obviously sold something. What is the point?
  2. I think this is a way for the seller to avoid paying final value fees to eBay. I think it's dodgy and unethical on the seller's part so I would not agree to the cancellation.
  3. They're fee dodging. Deny the cancellation and report the seller to eBay for fee avoidance.
  4. Thank you both. I couldn't figure out what the heck they were trying to do
  5. Definitely report them.
  6. This should be reported by all means
  7. I looked at the listing and it doesn't say how to report the listing. I don't want to open a case. I already denied the cancellation
  8. Looks like one of the "coaches" selling on ebay to stay active but the fees taking a chunk out of his discount. We get 25% off all those products and resale on sites like ebay etc are prohibited.If he is a coach he got it for 89 and some change plus about 7 to ship not including tax.
  9. This!

    There are several (many!) threads on the subject on the ebay forum and although there are sometimes a few cheaters who have no moral or ethical issue in using ebay and screwing them out of the commission they rightly earn, most of us are against cheating.

    Although this is an old thread on the subject, it was bumped a couple of weeks ago when someone came to justify why it's okay to cheat.

    Several of us gave good reasons why we shouldn't agree to a mutual when the transaction has completed smoothly.

    The recent part starts here:

    We all pay for this type of unethical behavior, either in higher fees (for sellers) or higher prices (for buyers).
  10. ^They're also undercutting their competition by screwing eBay on the fees which just encourages everybody else to do it. It's clear that if they are willing to send you this message for a DVD they're doing this kind of thing on a routine basis. Not cool.

  11. Especially considering it was it about $40 which means they only stand to get about $4 back

  12. It's looks Like he has about 12 to sell originally. I don't know If he is a coach, but he does have some kind if association
  13. if he sells a lot, makes the request of all buyers and if 10 buyers per week agree, that's $40/week he gets back. That comes to $180/month and $2160/year. It adds up to a hefty profit for the cheating seller.
  14. With all these continued mentions of this version of scamming ebay, it really won't be long until ebay makes cancellations Impossible and ruins it for everyone. Just like the final value fee on shipping charges....

  15. This!