Help with a present for my wife

  1. Hello ladies,

    I apologize in advance if this question is out of line or not in accordance with the rules (although I didn’t see anything in the rules about it).

    My wife has asked me for a Coach handbag for our 6 year anniversary coming up this weekend. She wants the MIA Braided Leather Satchel in Brass/Tobacco finish. Style number 10048.

    Now, I just looked this bag up on the Coach site and have to say, I was a bit taken aback by the $428 price tag. It’s hard for me (a dumb guy) to justify laying out that kind of cash for a purse (assuming it doesn’t come with 4 one-hundred dollar bills in it).

    So, my question is – is there anywhere I can get this bag cheaper? I looked on eBay and they seem more expensive there ($438). Are there any deals to be had? Is there anywhere (and this is the part that I’m a bit hesitant to ask) that I can get a knock-off or replica? I live outside NYC and am considering looking for one from one of those “sidewalk guys,” but I don’t know if they have bags that are made to look like current styles or last year’s or whatever.

    Now, I know everything is relative and that $428 may not seem like that much. I admit to being a cheap, penny-pinching, insensitive, scum-sucking heel of a husband. I belong to several collecting-based web communities, and I know that expensive collectibles are often faked, and that collectors of authentic items are sensitive to an outsider coming in asking about how to obtain fakes (creating a market for fake items that might one day try to be passed onto them). If someone came to one of the guitar collecting forums I belong to and asked how to get a fake Stratocaster, he would be run out of town. If that’s my fate here, I accept that and humbly apologize.

    If, however, someone could point me to anywhere where I could get this bag cheaper than $428, I would really appreciate it. If not a knock-off, then maybe there is a secret you could share as to acquiring an authentic example at some kind of discount. You would make the mother of my children a very happy woman.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi, is Mrs DG's heart set on a Coach Mia? Will another bag (similar-looking, not that I know of one right now, but can do a search) do? And what, may I ask, is your budget?
  3. Hi passerby,

    Mrs. DG is set on this purse. She gave me the specifications. She said not to bother going to the Coach store near our house because they had one similar but not the one she wanted.

    I would love to get out of this for $200. I just spent some time browsing some of the threads, and it seems like that's not very likely, though. I'm starting to think I might have to bite the bullet.

  4. Definitely buy her the one she wants from the coach store. Or try to go to Neiman Marcus or bloomingdales. Those are the kind of stores that will put handbags on sale. also, you could possibly get a discount on Coach if you open a credit card with that store. I know that they normally give like 10% off if you open a credit card. Just an idea. Think about it!
  5. Francesco Biasia Secret Love Braided Handle Flap ebags.jpg
  6. try the Coach forum under the designer forums section...there is a 25% coupon sometime soon--those are hard to come by but you might try some tricks to get one--including check on ebay, where three are currently floating around

    in the future when you have more time, try a Coach outlet or a department store for sales. good luck and I suggest you buy the real thing--I seriously doubt she would want the knock off
  7. Get it and consider yourself lucky she is not addicted to Hermes like some of us. :lol: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

  8. Would you prefer ketchup or mustard on your bullet, Sir. :roflmfao:

    Seriously, prepare to fork out some cash. She's your wife fer crying outloud! She deserves it! :love:
  9. :heart: the ladies of TPF! :love:
    Beautifully handled & great answers.
  10. IMO when it comes to special days like anniversary's, you gotta pull out all the stops and (within reason) stop looking at how much something costs as long as you won't end up living in a refrigerator box. You don't know how much time you 2 will have together on this earth. My best friend just lost her husband this year in a terrible accident. This December was going to be their 25th wedding anniversary. She would give every penny she has to have him back. Just trying to put things in perspective.
  11. Consider yourself lucky!!! BUY THE BAG, she has been very specific, so no substitutions will do..... and ebay is really no option in this case.
  12. Sorry dumb guy but you owe it to your sweet wife to buy her this bag. If she is anything like me (and 99.99% of all the woman on this forum) a knockoff would be insulting. I know.. you are a guy and you don't understand the need for designer purses. But as I tell my sweet dh.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND! LOL.. sorry to shout. Buy her what she wants. Trust me - everyone will be happier!! If the woman is not happy no one is happy! Consider it an investment in your marriage!
  13. OK, I gave up and bought the one on eBay:

    eBay: Coach Mia Braided Leather Satchel Tobacco 100048 *NWT (item 200025339904 end time Sep-12-06 10:46:16 PDT)

    The seller seems legit and was very nice and says it will be here before the weekend (anniv. is Saturday).

    I've always told my wife that if she's ever robbed, just hand over her purse and run. Now, I think I'm going to have to tell her to hand over everything in her purse, but don't you dare let go of that purse!

    You all are a very sick bunch and should seek professional help. I say that in the most loving (and joking) way possible. If my wife saw some of the prices on the guitar collecting forum I post to, she would plotz.

    So, thanks everyone. You have been a very nice and helpful bunch and I do appreciate it (and I'm sure my wife will too).

    Thanks again,


  14. As any of the purse-lovers here can tell you...if she has her heart set on a specific bag, buying something that looks similar is just not going to cut it.

    Also, are you objecting to the price tag because it's your opinion that no purse is worth that, or is it because that price is truly impossible for you to spend no matter what the gift would be?

    If you are willing/able to spend that amount of money but just don't want to spend it on a bag becaue YOU don't think a purse is worth're going to have to bite the bullet.

    If you spent that amount on something else for her because you thought it was more worth the money than a're sending the message that your opinion is more important to you than your wife's happiness. Is that the message you want to put out there?

    Besides...I'm guessing you have some expensive hobbies yourself. :supacool:
  15. I'll say! it looks like he just spent $1,299.00 on a guitar!

    glad you bought the bag for your wife--she deserves it! like another member said, be glad she doesn't ask for ANY of the other designers on our forum!