Help with a pearl necklace & earring set


Jul 30, 2009
Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and in need of an expert opinion on this pearl necklace and earring set. They were purchased during a recent trip to China and I absolutely love them. However, I am starting to have doubts as to whether or not I paid a fair price for them. Would anybody be able to provide an estimate as to what you think they should cost?

They are cultured freshwater pearls. They necklace strand ranges from 9.5mm-10.5mm. The pearls are generally round, but as you can see from the images they do have some flaws. The earrings, on the other hand, are very round and about 10mm. Necklace comes with a stainless steel clasp, earrings with a 14k white gold post.

The grading for both of these is listed as "AAB" on the card, but as far as I can tell, this is not a standard grade and I can't find much information on this. They do look quite shiny to my untrained eye though :shrugs:




Jul 30, 2006
I agree with Kitsunegrl. They are very pretty colors! If you wear them all the time and enjoy them, it will be totally worth it :yes:


May 8, 2006
Hmm, that's not good news :shucks:

Thanks for the input though, Japster.
Oh no! I think they are lovely and you should absolutely enjoy them. Please remember I also gave you a range of what I personally would sell for... some dealers might price in the $300-650ish range and that would still be a darn good price for them.

I hope that helps.