Help with a new please!~

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just recently got a new kitty who is only 8 weeks old and I really need to vaccum the room she's in right now which is my bedroom, but I don't know if it's such a good idea to use the vaccum so soon since she's only been with us for 6 days ? Will the noise scare her too much ? Should i wait alittle longer to vaccum ?

    The reason why I'm asking is because well I just started to bond with her two days ago and i'm scared she's going to run away from me if she sees me driving along this really loud machine in her 'safe room'.:Push: Is it okay to use the machine around so soon ? Anyways any help is great! :tup:
  2. I don't know any kitty ever gets use to vacuums or fireworks.

    Why don't you put her in another room with some of her toys and maybe a treat while you clean her safe room. She'll never get use to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. This gives her the opportunity to be acquainted with the noise and know when to hide from mom while she's cleaning house. I'm sure others have better advice.
  3. Ah, you are so sweet and kind to worry about your kitty and the vacuum. I don't know the answer, but I'm sure that even if the noise scares her she'll remember how loving you are and come around once you put the machine away.
  4. Cats have this thing where they will temporarily associate you with whatever bad is happening (if you are the one causing it). For instance, when I hand my kitty over to the groomers he gets real mad at me and always looks at me accusingly after he's handed back. But the great thing is that they get over it really quick!

    I would move your kitten to another room and then do the deed under closed doors. That way she'll hear the noise but not know that you are the one causing it.

    One word of advice with new kitties: When they first move to a home they have a tendency to get sick with a cold because their immune system is getting used to the new environment. It's actually good that you are vacuuming so you can lesson your kitty's chances of getting sick. Mine got sick after a week...he was sneezing like crazy and his little nose ran a lot. I took him to the vet and got medicine. The vet is the one who told me it was common for kitties to get sick when they first move from their birth place to you place.

    Congrats on the new kitty. Aren't they adorable? What's her name?
  5. They never ever get used to the noise, like everyone said, just move her to another room for a little bit, quickly do the cleaning you need to do, and then put her back. She should be fine. If she gets a little nervous, she'll get over it shortly... they always do!
  6. My cats hate the hoover, they all hide when they hear it coming it out.
    I would just move her to another room while you give your room a quick hoover.

    I think there is a clip on youtube of some actually hoovering their cat! I wish my semi-long hair would let me do that to him....then I wouldn't have a tabby-coloured carpet! LOL!