help with a little arguement about gucci waist belts

  1. first off, sorry about the spelling in the topic!

    i am thinking about getting a waist belt online.

    my brother (who is probably right when it comes to fashion) is telling me that gucci makes three sizes of their waist belts.

    my searching has told me otherwise, as i can only find one size. 10.25 wide x 6.25 high.

    lil bro says that size is the biggest out of the three sizes.

    can anyone help us solve this?

    here is a link of the waist belt i am talking about:
  2. There are two sizes, the mini belt bag and the larger belt bag.
  3. only two of the belt bag sizes, i suggest getting the bigger one
  4. As the others have said there are two sizes, the mini and the larger belt bag.

    I'd also recommend getting the larger one (but it depends on how much you need it to hold and which size you prefer).
  5. ^^ as above.

    Welcome to the forum by the way!!!
  6. I have the larger size and love it. Unless you are really, really tiny, I would go with the larger size.

    You may be able to see both sizes on the gucci website under the travel section.
  7. I have the large one and I think it's the perfect size... the small one looks like it can't fit too much ..but you should check it out at your boutique!
  8. i also have the large one. and its a perfect size. holds a small wallet, car keys, blackberry and lipgloss. PERFECT!
  9. Of course I have to come in and stand up for the small Gucci belt bags!:p I have 2 of them in the small size and I love them! And of course it doesn't fit as much as the bigger one but I liked it better on me than the larger one. It was just a preference I had. My friend has the bigger one and it looks good on her. We're are both just shy of 5ft 1 inches.

    I can put my cell phone, lotion, lipstick, lip gloss in the front 2 pockets and currency and cards in the zipper pocket.
  10. i have the small one in black and absolutely love it! they only come in 2 sizes...

    of course mine only fits my credit/debit cards, cash, lipstick, mints, car and house keys - pretty much just the necessities :smile:
  11. Does anyone have size comparison pics?