Help with a handbag color!!

  1. I have a grey and white striped dress and I am trying to figure out what color bag I should wear with it. I don't want to wear a bag the same color as the dress. Please help!!
  2. How about Red!
  3. i second that, a great combo is red grey and white, very cute! what style of bag and what price range are you looking at??
  4. Oh gemruby, with a grey and white striped dress, your choices are endless!!
    Yellow, Navy, Orange, Red, Pink depending on your mood and occasion!!!

    I think a Blue Jean Denim bag would be great for summer!!!
  5. Red or navy sounds nice. If anyone has any ideas of some great leather ones, please send pics. I like medium to large bags. My price limit is $400.
  6. Green or Red would look great, navy sounds ok too.
    This is from Kate Spade $365
  7. Absolutely, go for a vibrant color, whatever you choose to do.
  8. A vibrant red or yellow! Love how they look with grey. :yes:
  9. I think yellow would look GREAT. Especially since it's a hot color this spring/summer.
  10. Do you have a pic of the dress?
  11. I agree, Red or Navy!!!

    I love the navy handbag that Uma uses in the movie "Prime" (blue, 2 handle top), but I have no idea who it is made by or price. Sorry... not much help, I am looking for a screen shot for you.
  12. I vote for red!
  13. Here is a pic of the dress