Help with a golden oldie

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  1. Hi. I usually only lurk on here but I'm a big Louis fan and have been using their bags for 20 years. Looking for some advice from you guys today on my Olympe Nimbus which was a limited edition I believe I bought in 2007.

    After years of not using it I decided as the sun is out today and it's such a summer bag it was time for a resurrection! However, I didn't realise how dirty the bag has got last time it was in use! It's a light pearl grey and is all leather (lamb skin I believe) with the monogram stitched in. Does anyone know how to clean the leather? I've tried leather cleaning wipes with no success.
    Here's the bag

    Attached Files:

  2. It won't allow me to post any more pictures to show the dirty bits!
  3. Apple leather cleaner would most likely do the trick, even on delicate leathers such as lamb and vachetta, followed by a conditioning.