Help with a Ginger knot

  1. Hi,

    I just received a black Ginger that I purchased on eBay. (gorgeous :yes: ) However, the knot in the front looks like it is coming loose... I have never seen one (until now) IRL so all I am going by for what it should look like are pictures. Should it be a tight or loose knot? It's like a double knot but i don't know if it's supposed to be double or single... Is there a certain way to re-tie it so it looks like it's supposed to look? I know a few of you have Gingers so if any of you guys could offer any advise I would greatly appreciate it! thank you!!
  2. Okay, my black Ginger has a very tight knot. I can't quite tell how it's knotted, but here's a picture to show you how it should look. There's no way I can undo it, it's very tight and secure.
    Ginger2 - Black.JPG
  3. Maybe you could bring the bag to a shoe repair and they could stitch it for you so it won't come undone, it's worth a try...
  4. mini love your black Ginger, it is beautiful!
  5. Thanks Shockey, it's my everyday work bag. I admire the quality of that bag everytime I wear it. One of Kooba's finest.

    Madrigalhd, how's your Ginger apart from the knot issue?
  6. Minimouse, apart from the knot it's gorgeous!!! Absolutely perfect actually except a small stain on the inside lining. I got it for less than $300 too so I can't complain too bad! It's absolutely authentic so I know that's not an issue, but i have no clue what's up with the knot!! It doesn't look bad or anything just loose... I don't know what I'm gonna do about it yet... when I get home later, I will take a picture and post it. A visual may help...