Help with a Gardenia Perfume!!

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  1. I am looking for a new perfume. I have been using Jo Malone almost exclusively for the last year or so, and I am ready for a change.
    It must be a perfume and not a toilette.
    I looked at Gucci Flora Gardenia - smelled great, but its a toliette.
    I have smelled the Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia - I like it.
    I havent smelled Tocca Florence - can anyone give me guidance on it?
    Or Annick Goutal Gardenia or Mait'deOrage?
    Any suggestions?
  2. I'm in love with EL Tuberose Gardenia YUMMY! But I only use 2 small sprays otherwise it's a bet overwhelming.
  3. Marc Jacobs Daisy has some gardenia notes, as does Michael Kors original...
  4. Marc Jacobs' Marc Jacobs is a gorgeous gardenia. Michael kors is jasmine
  5. Marc Jacobs and Chanel Gardenia.
  6. I love gardenias. In fact, it is the ONLY scent I will wear.

    Try the gardenia perfume from Santa Maria Novella.
  7. Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion is wonderful!

    Another good gardenia is Sarah Horowitz's Creative Perfumes.
  8. Thanks all! I am giving the Marc Jacobs a try! Will keep the others in mind!!
    I hope it smells as good as the gardenias in my yard!!!
  9. I know no one has suggested this one, but I know that Juicy Couture has Gardenia in it as well.
  10. Pennhalligon anthology gardenia