Help with a fake item purchased on ebay

  1. I purchased a fake Mulberry bag on eBay. I contacted the seller and asked if I could return it for a refund due to the fact that it is fake and he replied that I should wait until I receive it and we will settle this matter in a civilized manner. Should I wait until I receive the bag and give the seller the opportunity to refund my purchase before contacting eBay/paypal? I don't know how long it will take for the purse to arrive, he says it should take 7 business days but that seems very fast from Europe to the US. Thank you for your advice.
  2. How do you know it's a fake if you haven't received it yet ? Has the seller accepted that it's fake and was the bag described as 'genuine' or 'authentic' in the listing ?

    If the seller has agreed to a refund in principle, I would wait until you've got the bag in hand and then contact him to organise your refund. I've had items arrive within 7 seven business days from the US, although around this time of year it might take a little longer I guess.Personally, I would only make a claim to eBay or PayPal if you have any problem getting the refund from the seller once the bag has arrived.
  3. No 7 working days isn't too fast....I have received items from the US much quicker than that. Did you decide it was a fake after you paid? Was it described as authentic?
  4. It is fake- yes! I would wait for the bag to arrive and then open the paypal dispute for a refund!
  5. It's the seller's responsibility to ensure that the item is authentic before listing and no, he is not off the hook.
    "Make sure your item is authentic
    You should not list replicas, fakes, counterfeits, or other illegal copies on eBay. For example, you should avoid listing an item that bears the brand name or logo of a company that did not manufacture or authorize the product.... Under the law, it is no excuse to say that you didn't know the item you were selling was a counterfeit. It's your obligation to investigate your source for product and stand behind everything you sell. "

    I agree with designermummy, you'll have to wait for the purse to arrive before filing a claim with Paypal.
  6. Here are the options the seller is offering: are some option:

    * If you absolutely hate the bag, you can return the bag to me and I will give you the full ($103.50) refund after I receive the bag in the same condition. Since I have no idea that this bag is a "replica", I will not be responsible of the shipping cost.


    * You can keep the bag and I will refund your money anyway. $103.50 (excluding the $20.00 shipping cost).

    I do not see any reason why we have to spend money on sending the bag back and forth....unless you absolutely HATE the bag.
    I still think replica or not...the bag is quite well made and you can use it regardless.
    I have many Mulberry bags, but I guess not an expert on telling the difference between replica or genuine and this bag is very well made.
    Since you brought on the subject, I did my research on Ebay community on fake Mulberry.

    Anyway, I will return your money via PayPal once you have the bag in your possession and tell me if you want to keep it or return it. But keep in mind that I will not reimburse the shipping cost.

    Please let me know what you decide.

    PS: The wife of my neighbour has a Mulberry Effie bag just like the one on the Mulberry website. When she saw the one I sold to you, she liked that one better because of the shoulder strap. She could not tell any difference otherwise. At the time, we were not aware that mine was a replica.....go figure.
    I know ther are fake Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci etc....but I never imagined that there are fake Mulberry.

    What do you recommend that I do? Keep it and let him refund the cost of the bag? That would save me the return shipping cost but it worries me.
    Please advise.
  7. Interesting decision you have!
    I'm a little unsure as to why the seller would not want their bag back, but with that being said I don't think that you want any potential problems or issues with this seller!
    I would send back the bag with confirmation, so in future there can be no back claims from the seller that they did not receive the item back, even though they refunded your money.
    I hope this helps!
  8. definately fake as originals don't come with leather samples.
  9. I received a refund from the seller today!! I will NEVER buy another Mulberry bag from any auction without authenticating on this forum first! This website is a blessing. Thank you so much for providing this resource. Melissagrace.
  10. I'm so pleased that everything is now sorted out and that you have your money back.
  11. glad ur case was settled...:tup: and lucky that the seller was very obliging...:yes: